Tuesday, November 15, 2022

ENMTools is temporarily off of CRAN

 ENMTools has been temporarily removed from CRAN due to an issue with another package.  The other package has now been fixed, but we have to re-upload ENMTools as a result.  We're going to take that opportunity to fix a couple of minor issues first.  For now, you can still install it from github using devtools.


  1. Hello, Is there a way to compare paleomodels with models for the present using the R package?

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  3. I should have explained it better. I'm trying to calculate the background and identity tests, as well as the niche breadth between paleomodels and models for the present. I haven't figured out a way to extrapolate to the past and then use the env.breadth() or raster.breadth() functions so far. I'm not sure if that is possible the way the package was built, so I thought it was better to ask before insisting too much on something that might not work the way I need. Thank you in advance.

    1. Sorry! For some reason I didn't get notifications about this question.

      There's no straightforward way to do this, I'm afraid. You could sort of fake up a comparison if you laid out the paleo and current environmental rasters together so that (for example) you had a layer for temperature in the present and temperature in the past side by side. You'd need to offset your points by the right amount so that they'd fall in the correct grid cell for each time period. All in all a pretty finicky process and one that would be easy to mess up. You might be better off just using hypervolume or ecospat or something, honestly.