Monday, January 21, 2019

Fun fact: you can run a whole bunch of models at once using ENMTools quite easily

The ENMTools R package contains a function called "species.from.file". This takes a .csv file and creates a list of species objects, one for each value in the "species" column in your .csv file. So you can do:

species.list <- species.from.file("myspecies.csv")

and you'll get back a list with ENMTools species in it. If you wanted to run a bunch of models using those species with the same settings, you could then do:

my.models <- lapply(species.list, function(x) enmtools.gam(x, climate.layers, test.prop = 0.3))

where "climate.layers" is your raster stack. That would create a list of ENMTools GAM objects, setting aside 30% of the data from each for testing.