Thursday, April 5, 2018

Course Reminder: Quantitative geographic ecology using R. Glasgow, April 30 to May 4.

Hey everybody!  There are still open slots in my upcoming course with Matt Fitzpatrick entitled "Quantitative geographic ecology using R: modelling genomes, niches, and communities".  Sign up now, it's coming up fast!

The course will include introductory lectures, guided computer coding in R, and exercises for the participants, with an emphasis on visualization and reproducible workflows. All modelling and data manipulation will be performed with R. Attendees will learn to use niche modelling algorithms including Maxent, GLM, GAM, and others, and will learn both new and existing methods for conducting comparative studies using ENMs in the new ENMTools R package.  Generalized Dissimilarity Modelling (GDM) and Gradient Forest (GF) will be taught for modelling genomic and community-level data. The course is intended for intermediate R users with interest in quantitative geographical ecology.