Thursday, October 14, 2010

New version of ENMTools up

We've got a new version of ENMTools. This update fixes a couple of issues and adds one handy little tool. The manual is not completely updated yet, but the program is here:

Here's what has changed:

-The problems with the I metric that were mentioned in a previous post/email have been fixed. It should now scale from 0 to 1.

-The breadth metrics have both been changed to standardized niche breadth, scaling from 0, where only one grid cell has a nonzero suitability score, to 1, where all grid cells are equally suitable.

-There's a new tool called "standardize rasters". It basically just takes a bunch of rasters and scales suitability scores so that they sum to 1.

-The model selection functions are now in the main build, but as yet are not documented in the manual. See my previous blog post/mailing for how to use that function. For more details read the Warren and Seifert paper currently in the "accepted" section of Ecological Applications' web page.