Wednesday, August 5, 2009

New version of ENMTools up

There's a new version of the software up now that improves compatibility with Maxent. There's a new setting in the "ENMTools options for setting the Maxent version (3.2 and below versus 3.3 and higher), which is necessary due to some changes in the command line arguments for Maxent.

A few things are worth mentioning right off the bat:

-We're going to go Tkx-only from now on due to massive improvements in appearance, compatibility, and ease of updating the software.

-Due to all of the recent changes to the software, the manual has gone from "incomplete" to "almost useless". We'll work up a new version shortly. One thing to mention immediately is that we've turned off the Kullback-Leibler (KL) statistics for niche overlap. They weren't really useful for much, and were causing errors. Because of this, the niche overlap function now only spits out two files, not five as the manual suggests.

-The new zip file is much larger than the previous ones for two reasons: it contains a Mac executable and a sample data set. The Mac executable is still a little sketchy, and Rich has been having some problems that I (Dan) can't seem to duplicate. If anyone has any feedback on this it would be much appreciated. The sample data comes from the Knouft et al (2006) study of Cuban anoles, and consists of occurrences for Anolis allogus (east) and Anolis ahli as well as some environmental data.

-At the moment the newest version is the release version, so the testing and release links above point to the same place.