Monday, March 21, 2011

ENMTools 1.3 is out!

We have a shiny new version of ENMTools ready to go! This version includes some minor bug fixes and adds a few new features. The new features are described in detail in the user manual, but here's a quick rundown:

*Handy tool for eliminating duplicate occurrence points from a .csv file using either exact location or an ASCII grid.
*New feature to make maps of the spatial distribution of residuals from a regression between two environmental variables (Warren and Moskwik, in prep).
*Tool to standardize raster files so that they sum to 1 over the geographic space.
*Tool for calculating range overlap from rasters, applying a user-selected presence/absence threshold.
*New rank-based overlap metric for rasters (RR) that estimates the probability that a pair of rasters agree in the relative ranking of any two patches of habitat (Warren and Seifert 2011).
*Addition of RR metric to hypothesis tests.

The manual has been expanded considerably, including some basic troubleshooting FAQs.