Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Like an infant, or possibly a drunken hobo...

...the ENMTools website is slowly lurching its way onto its feet. The site is intended primarily as a distribution point for new builds of the ENMTools software. This software was designed to make the tests used in Warren et al (2008) accessible to those who want to use them. At its current state, "accessible" might be a bit overly generous, but the software at very least makes these tests possible. In addition, there are other analyses and tools that are being added all the time. Most of these are being developed for papers in progress by Dan Warren, Rich Glor, Michael Turelli, or some combination of those three.

At present, the software only works on Windows systems. A Mac version will be available as soon as possible, but it may take a while. The whole thing basically needs to be ported from Tk to Tkx, which is a bit of an undertaking. When that happens, though, it will have the added bonus of making ENMTools look like it was at least programmed some time after 1995. Until then, we've decided to keep the web site's appearance consistent with that of the software.

Along with ENMTools updates, we'll probably post some other handy little tools or observations from time to time.