Wednesday, November 10, 2010

New Functions in ENMTools to Identify Environmental Barriers to Dispersal

We're pleased to announce publication of a paper that uses new functions in ENMTools to identify environmental barriers to dispersal. These new features of ENMTools permit identification of two types of environmental barriers that might be acting to maintain geographic boundaries between populations in nature: (1) steep environmental gradients and (2) ribbons of unsuitable habitat. ENMTools is now able to assess the significance of such boundaries in nature using geographically informed randomization procedures. Although you may have noticed that these 'new' features have been available in the last few releases of ENMTools, they haven't been published on previously, or really been explained in enough detail to make them useful. We hope that this will change with publication of this paper! For more details on how to use these new 'range breaking' methods please see section II.c.iii of the ENMTools manual [pdf document].

Glor, R. E. and D. Warren (Accepted Article) Testing ecological explanations for biogeographic boundaries. Evolution. [doi link]