Tuesday, June 2, 2020

Introductory tutorials for the R version of ENMTools

Hey everybody!  I've started recording quick tutorials on the most important bits of ENMTools.  Here's one on how to install ENMTools and all of its dependencies:

And here's one on how to build ENMTools species objects and some quick models:

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  1. If anyone has experienced this before then please kindly help, it could be my code too but as for the files, i have stacked rasters in vars, and have presence points in enmtools.species object called BT

    my.args = c("betamultiplier=0.5", "autofeature=FALSE", "product=FALSE", "hinge=FALSE", "threshold=FALSE", "quadratic=FALSE", "replicates=10", "randomseed=TRUE", "jackknife=TRUE", "doclamp=FALSE", "extrapolate=FALSE", "applythresholdrule=Equal training sensitivity and specificity")

    bt.mx <- enmtools.maxent(BT, vars, nback = 15000, env.nback = 15000, rts.reps = 0, bg.source = "vars", args = my.args)

    unable to find an inherited method for function ‘raster’ for signature ‘"numeric"’

    Thank you.