Friday, April 17, 2009

Tkx version ready for testing!

I'm excited to announce that there's already a test version of the new Tkx ENMTools. And here's the big news - IT WORKS ON OSX! Porting from Tk to Tkx was a bit of a hassle, but once that was done it turned out to be trivial to make it work on a Mac. It also has the side effect of making ENMTools look considerably more modern on a PC than it did before. Contrary to my earlier statements, though, I think we're going to keep the retro look of the web page. If you're as deeply in love with Sparklee logos as I am, you can actually save the above logo into the same folder as the new Tkx ENMTools and it will show up when you start up the software.

Anyway, HERE is the perl script for the new version. In order to keep your browser from trying to interpret that link as a web script, Windows users will need to right click and "save as" to download it. Mac users will have to do the Mac equivalent, whatever that is. I'll have a Windows executable version ready as soon as my new license for Perl Dev Kit gets here. For now, you'll need the very, very newest version of ActivePerl from Mac users will need to go to a console and type the path to the Activestate installation of ActivePerl, because ENMTools won't run using the default OSX perl installation. That'll look something like this:

/usr/local/ActivePerl-5.10/bin/perl ./ENMTools TkxTest

...assuming you're in the directory where you've dropped the perl script.

Now in addition to looking considerably sexier and running on OSX, there are a couple of new features that will be of interest to many users. Here are a few:

-Change the amount of memory that is allotted to Maxent (make sure you put in -mx####m, where #### is the number of Mb to assign)
-Ability to turn on/off response curves, pictures, and ROC plots for pseudoreplicates
-New flavors of occurrence point jackknife (I'll write up an explanation of what these are soon)
-Generate data sets for random spatial cross-validation (ditto)
-A new rangebreak test that we haven't told anyone about, which is even cooler than the other ones that we haven't explained
-Measuring niche breadth on ENMs using Levins' measures of niche breadth

Now this stuff is all very, very new. We've done some testing, and things seem to be working correctly. Please email Dan ( if you hit any snags. Oh, and there's a slight bit of weirdness on OSX in that it seems to want to draw the window slightly smaller than it needs to be, no matter how large I tell the program to make it. Just drag the bottom right corner out a bit and everything's fine. If anyone happens to know what to do about that little glitch, I'd appreciate the info.

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