Sunday, April 19, 2009

OSX users of the Tkx version - possible bug

Rich gave the Tkx version a spin yesterday, and had a bit of an odd bug come up that I've never seen before. It seems that the program wouldn't let him set the path to maxent.jar, no matter what he did. It works fine on my Mac, though. If anyone else runs into this problem, please let me know. If you do see this happen, you can fix it by opening the Perl script in a text editor and changing line 3329 from this:

$maxent_path = Tkx::tk___getOpenFile(-initialfile=>"maxent.jar");

to this:

$maxent_path = Tkx::tk___getOpenFile();


  1. Don't do this in Microsoft Word or some other word processing application that's going to add all kinds of formatting BS to the file. If you find you need to make this change, do it with TextWrangler. To see line numbers in TextWrangler, simply open the file and select Show Line Numbers in the View:Text Display menu.

  2. On PC, I highly recommend Notepad2 for this sort of thing. It's free, and just about perfect for anyone who wants a small text editor with advanced editing features.