Tuesday, April 21, 2009

New executables of ENMTools for Windows and OSX! Hooray!

Thanks to Activestate's PerlApp (which is awesome), we now have executable versions of the testing build of ENMTools. You can download the new Mac OS X executable here, or the Windows executable here. For some reason the OS X executable is way bigger than the Windows version, and it only launches from the console on my Mac (double-clicking doesn't work). If anyone has insight into either of those issues, please let me know. I should also mention that neither of these builds have been tested extensively yet, as they're hot off the compiler. Please check your results and let me know if anything comes out weird.


  1. This is a note for the Mac users out there. The use of the executable will eventually permit you to use ENMTools simply by double-clicking an icon rather than launching the Terminal and specifically telling it to run the script using ActivePerl (see Dan's post from April 17th on the use of the Perl script). However, you might encounter three problems with the current executable. The last of these problems prevent me from using this executable on my desktop machine running OSX 10.5.6. The first problem is that you may need to add the suffix ".command" to the executable so that OSX knows to open the application using the Terminal. Second, you may receive a permission error when double-clicking on the "ENMTools_4-20-2009-macosx.command" icon, or when attempting to open this file from within the Terminal. This can be solved by going to the Terminal and typing "chmod 755 ENMTools_4-20-2009-macosx.command." When you double click the icon, ENMTools should now open a new window on your desktop, but your problems may not be finished. On some machines (including my machine running OSX 10.5.6), you will be unable to set the location for the maxent.jar file (you'll get an "Error:bad initialfile" message if this is the case). This is the problem Dan addressed in his April 19th post about a potential bug with the perl script. If you have this problem, you'll need to use the perl script Dan posted on April 17th after fixing line 3329 rather than the exectuble (the's no way to edit lines of code in the exectuble). Hopefully this problem will be fixed in the next version of the executable.

  2. I really need to get on this. I may have time to fix it this afternoon.

    There's also been a bug reported with how ENMTools interacts with the newest version of Maxent - the command line flags for the different suitability score types have changed, so if you're using ENMTools and the newest version of Maxent you're basically stuck with using logistic scores. I'll see if I can fix this as well - it shouldn't be too hard.

  3. My version of Mac is Mojave 10.14.6
    can any body suggest me how to install ENM tools

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