Friday, April 24, 2009

New Version of Maxent Available

Steven Phillips just posted a new version of Maxent (v. 3.3.0). I've already used this new version successfully with ENMTools, so hopefully there won't be any unforeseen compatability issues. One of the coolest features of the new version is the capability to do replicated runs, allowing "cross-validation, bootstrapping and repeated subsampling."


  1. I have confirmed compatibility of the Maxent 3.3.0 beta with the Windows version of the ENMTools_4-20-2009 executable.

  2. Thanks, Rich! The addition of the new bootstrapping and jackknife features makes the similar analyses in ENMTools more or less redundant for users of Maxent - what Steven's done is considerably nicer, and the summary output is outstanding. The ENMTools jackknife and bootstrap stuff is mainly useful for people using other methods, who would like a quick and simple way to create pseudoreplicate data files.