Tuesday, August 9, 2016

The flood becomes a trickle

Just a quick update: the flood of posts is going to slow down a bit from here on out, because I've now built enough of the framework of ENMTools that I can start working on the really cool experimental stuff I've got planned.  I will put some more time into polishing up what's already available,  beefing up the help files, etc., but won't be adding new features to the final version anywhere near as quickly.
Please absolutely do let me know when you run into problems with the R version, though!  I've got a few test data sets I can use for evaluation purposes, but it's almost certain that some of you out there will run into new issues using your own data sets.  I want to figure out what those issues are and catch them as soon as possible, so that the end product is as easy to use as I can make it.

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