Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Check out those GAMs!

As of yesterday afternoon (Australia time), ENMTools can now do GAMs as well!  That includes all of the hypothesis tests, visualization, etc. that you get with the other methods.

Just like the recent update to the enmtools.glm() function, enmtools.gam() has the ability to automatically build a function if you don't supply one. For instance if you have four layers in a stack called "env" named "layer.1", "layer.2", etc. and call enmtools.gam() thusly:

ahli.gam = enmtools.gam(ahli, env)

The function will automatically build the function:

presence ~ s(layer.1, k = 4) + s(layer.2, k = 4) + s(layer.3, k = 4) + s(layer.4, k = 4)

 As you can see above, the default value for k, the smoothing parameter, is 4.  This is not necessarily optimal, though, and it's definitely worth exploring for your specific data.  You can either supply GAM formulas manually (using the "f" argument to enmtools.gam), or you can just provide a "k" argument, e.g,

ahli.gam = enmtools.gam(ahli, env, k = 6)

Which produces

presence ~ s(layer.1, k = 6) + s(layer.2, k = 6) + s(layer.3, k = 6) + s(layer.4, k = 6)

Formula arguments or k values can also be passed to the hypothesis testing functions (identity, background, rangebreak, etc.).

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