Friday, August 28, 2020

ENMTools version 1.0.1 is on CRAN! Clamping, variable importance, and progress bars!



  • Added variable importance tests via interface with the vip package
  • Added clamping for the predict functions, including plots of where clamping is happening
  • Added clamping for model construction functions, with a TRUE/FALSE switch defaulting to TRUE
  • Changed naming conventions for predict functions so that the suitability raster is in the $suitability slot, just as with modeling functions
  • Added progress bars for a lot of tests
  • Added “verbose” option for a lot of functions, defaulting to FALSE

Bug fixes

  • Fixed interactive.plot generic and moved the function to its own file to make it easier to extend
  • Temporarily suppressing some warnings coming out of leaflet that are being produced by the recent rgdal changes
  • Fixed background sampling code to resample when necessary
  • Changed enmtools.ranger demo code to actually use ranger instead of rf
  • Fixed code for calculating p values for some of the hypothesis tests, the old code was getting wrong answers when there were repeated value

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  1. Hi,
    can we use output from maxent with vip package?
    Thank you