Monday, February 18, 2019

RWTY 1.0.2 now on CRAN

The newest version of RWTY, version 1.0.2 is now on CRAN.  This is a relatively minor release except for one significant bug fix: there was an issue causing one of the plotting functions to fail when it was called with a single MCMC chain (as opposed to multiple MCMC chains).  That's fixed now, and all is well.

The other major change (for the worse, IMO) is that we had to remove the "Plot Comparisons" vignette to get the package in under CRAN's size restrictions.  That's a really useful vignette, so it sucks to have to remove it.  There are just too many images to make it fit the size requirements, though, and since the entire point of that vignette is comparing those images it doesn't make sense to remove them.  You can still get the vignette installed with RWTY by installing from GitHub or just check it out here:

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