Monday, June 4, 2018

More installation issues: "descendants" not exported from phyloclim, ecospat not found

Well the fun just keeps rolling in with the newest R update and ensuing package updates.  Two new issues have just been brought to my attention that prevent new installations of ENMTools: first, the newest version of phyloclim no longer exports the "descendants" function, which ENMTools uses.  There's a hot fix for that on the develop branch of ENMTools on Github, where I basically just copied the code over from phyloclim for the time being so it no longer has to be imported.

The second issue is a bit more of a hassle: ecospat has been removed from CRAN, and I'm not sure why.  Given that ENMTools requires ecospat to run, this is a bit of an issue.  For now, all you can really do is install ecospat manually from the Github mirror of the CRAN repository, and then install ENMTools after that.  Hopefully ecospat will get updated and re-uploaded to CRAN soon, but failing that we might need to find a more permanent workaround eventually.


  1. Hello,
    is the hotfix downloaded automatically, or do I need to insert it somewhere? I am getting the phyloclim error, trying to install it today.

  2. It's currently only on the "develop" branch on GitHub, so make sure you're specifying to download from that branch.

  3. Hi Dan,
    I got it from
    then, how can i use it to fix ENMtools? thanks~~~

  4. The version on the master branch should be working now. The Java issue mentioned a couple of posts back is still a problem, though.