Thursday, October 13, 2016

Nice tutorial on conducting background tests using the Perl version of ENMTools

Here's a really nice tutorial by Daniel Romero on how to do the background test in the standalone version of ENMTools.  He walks you through setting up the program, running the analysis, and how to avoid some of the errors that might crop up when trying to run the software.

Thanks, Daniel!


  1. Hi Dan!
    Thank you for sharing the tutorial. A pleasure to work with ENMTools.
    Best wishes

  2. Hi, let me ask an offtop question: is there "resampling from a raster" function in R version of ENMTools?

  3. Not at present, but dismo has a function called randomPoints that can do it. If I recall correctly it doesn't allow sampling with replacement, but you can hack it to do so fairly easily.