Thursday, October 14, 2010

New version of ENMTools up

We've got a new version of ENMTools. This update fixes a couple of issues and adds one handy little tool. The manual is not completely updated yet, but the program is here:

Here's what has changed:

-The problems with the I metric that were mentioned in a previous post/email have been fixed. It should now scale from 0 to 1.

-The breadth metrics have both been changed to standardized niche breadth, scaling from 0, where only one grid cell has a nonzero suitability score, to 1, where all grid cells are equally suitable.

-There's a new tool called "standardize rasters". It basically just takes a bunch of rasters and scales suitability scores so that they sum to 1.

-The model selection functions are now in the main build, but as yet are not documented in the manual. See my previous blog post/mailing for how to use that function. For more details read the Warren and Seifert paper currently in the "accepted" section of Ecological Applications' web page.


  1. Could someone explain how ENMtools measures niche breadth? I understand Levins' measurements, but they measure proportion of a population in a particular environment. How does this translate to suitability maps?



  2. ENMTools treats suitability as proportional to utilization for the purposes of the breadth metrics. Given that that connection is tenuous at best, I would not assume that breadth metrics on ENMs are directly comparable to breadth metrics on other types of data. However, they are still quite useful in making comparisons of the relative smoothness of the distribution of habitat suitability scores over geographic space for two or more models.

  3. Hey Dan,
    Thanks for your work on ENMtools! I just installed the new release and noticed that the enmtools.config file isn't being written properly when I save my configuration settings. A popup stating "Options Saved to enmtools.config" shows up when I click 'save', but when I restart the program I need to input config settings each time. Do you know if anyone else has had this problem, or if it's just me?

  4. This is the first I've heard of it. Do you see the enmtools.config file in the folder? If so, what do you see when you open it in a text editor?

    Is this Windows Vista or Windows 7? It's possible that you have the executable in a directory that the program doesn't have write permission for, so that it fails when it tries to create the file.

  5. Thanks, I just figured it out this morning and was going to post an addendum. As you mentioned, the folder was not given the proper permissions when I originally installed ENMtools. Everything works great now.

  6. Okay, so does ENMtools add up suitability values for all cells and then divide by total number of cells?

  7. I was wondering how to go about calculating the AIC and BIC estimates as cited in the Warren and Seifert (2010) paper. The paper states that ENMtools can be used to estimate these validation parameters, but I can't wrap my mind around which tools, or combo thereof, to do this.

    thanks and all the best,


  8. Did you see this post?

    It has step-by-step instructions.

  9. Well... now I did :). Thanks, I'll look through them.