Wednesday, April 7, 2010

New version of ENMTools up

I've tracked down the sorting bug that Rich and I found last night, and there's now a new version of ENMTools that fixes the issue. It does appear that it only affected the ribbon analysis, and only the sorted output. There are some new functions added as well. One is just a simple tool for measuring correlations between raster files using the Pearson correlation coefficient. The second gives you the ability to sample occurrences from a raster file either randomly or with a probability determined by some function of the suitability of habitat in that grid cell. You can download the new version and manual here. There's more information on the new functions in the manual.

Now that the application note is out we're going to start using actual version numbers instead of build dates. This is version 1.1.


  1. I keep getting the following message when running a background test. I created a csv file with randomly generated points for the background file.

    "Can't open C:/GIS/ENMoutput/7_20/QUIL.asc!!"

    Any ideas?

  2. Could you send me your input .csv files? My email is dan dot l dot warren at gmail dot com.

  3. Hi! Maybe I'll do a stupid question, but: The correlation tests between rasters use the null values (no data) in the comparisons between variables?