Friday, September 11, 2009

New manual!

We've finally bashed together a first take on the full manual for ENMTools. You can find it here, or in the zip file with the new version of ENMTools.

The new manual outlines for the first time the niche breadth, range breaking, spatial cross-validation, and jackknife/bootstrap functionality of ENMTools. Papers are in progress discussing all of these tools in more detail, but there should be enough information in the manual to get the general idea now.

Now I'm almost immediately going to start adding new features so that the manual is obsolete again. We'll try to keep it more up to date, though. Scout's honor.

1 comment:

  1. #1 I'm excited about the new options explained in the manual for the first time, particularly the range-breaking functions. These functions permit users to test whether biogeographic boundaries are associated with significant ecological variation.

    #2 Once I'm back from the field (September 15th) I plan to supplement the new manual with some mac specific pointers for those of you interesting in running the binary on OSX.